Dugana Khad Tourist Resort
The Dugana Khad (Temple Rock) resort was open in 2000 and awarded 1st degree certification. The Dugana Khad resort is only one tourist camp to the north near from Ulaanbaatar city.
Khankhar Uul Tourist Resort
The Khankhar Uul tourist resort was open in 2006. The resort is located at the front side of famous Khugnu Khaan mountain.
"TESHIG" Fishing Longe
In 2004, AR MONGOL TRAVEL GROUP opened a new hunting and fishing lodge with 100 hectare land, 1st to it's kind in Mongolia, at the bank of Tarvagatai river, which flows into Eg river in the north forest area of Mongolia.
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4 Nights/ 5 Days

Drive to Khogno Khaan mountain (Western 280kms). Enroute: having Box lunch.

4 Nights/ 5 Days

Visit Sand dunes and Bayan zag /80 km one way/, the site of ancient inland sea and the treasure chest of fossilized dinosaur bones, eggs among flaming cliffs,

2 Nights/ 3 Days

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, meeting with guide and transfer to Dugana Khad resort which is situated in the picturesque mountain valley.

7 Nights/ 8 Days

Morning flight to Gobi desert a cradle of dinosaurs, a basin of evaporated inland sea during natural evolution many years ago.

4 Nights/ 5 Days

After breakfast visit to Gandan Monastery. And drive to airport to fly to Moron town and continue driving to Khuvsgul

7 Nights/ 8 Days
Drive to Hustain Nuruu preserved area where the wild horses live. Trekking around the national park and overnight stay in ger at Hustain Nuruu.
Mongolia is one of the world's great remaining freshwater fisheries. Asia's continental watershed runs through Mongolia, splitting the country's more than 4000 rivers. Our crystal clear rivers host a number of sportfish including the Taimen, the world biggest salmonid. Taimen often reach 30 kilos.
Over 500 valuable findings of ancient aristocrats found
The findings from the complete tomb of nomadic aristocrats, found by the joint research team of the Science Academy of Mongolia and the Turkish-Altai study center of the Eurasian Academy of Kazakhstan, is being shown to the public today on March 29, 2012. 
The exhibition made its opening at noon at the Mongolian Fine Arts Gallery under the name “Arts gallery of ancient nomads”, where it will be available to the public until April 22, 2012. The “Ancient Turks in the Mongolian Territory” archeological excavation of the research team was held at a place named Shoroon Bumbagar of Ulaan Kherem, Bayannuur sum of Bulgan aimag. The project was conducted under the supervision of professor A.Ochir, where around 570 valuable findings of Turkish aristocrats were found from the Shoroon Bumbagar tomb, related to the VII century. Over 300 of these findings are shown at the exhibition in the sequence they were found, where these historical findings are categorized into substantial archeological finds, antiques, photography, maps, art pieces, printed pictures, models and copies. The most interesting find from this tomb are the tomb wall pictures. 
There are a total of over 40 pictures, where 24 male and female persons with swans, birds, tigers, dogs and horses are illustrated dancing, singing, holding ceremonies and entertaining themselves. There were no cases of such underground tombs with wall pictures to have been previously found in Mongolia, where these types of tombs were found only in China, Japan and Korea. This tomb is 42 meters in length and 1.8 meters in width and located 8 meters underground, and was organized with 4 ditched entrances, 2 small holes and a main tomb. Very valuable findings were found from the tomb, including 134 gold wares, 117 clay wares, and 41 golden coins, possessions made of silver and other metals and 30 wood wares. Also, there are many other interesting findings as well as golden earrings, rings, bracelets and vessels, 4 clay made tomb protectors, clay horseman playing music and golden coins with Rune and Latin scripts with signs of Byzantine craft. The owner of the tomb is not yet identified, although it is certain the person was of a significant position in society. 

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